New Fill need help determining first step

Jun 13, 2019
SW Missouri
I just filled my new pool up today and it's late now so I won't be doing anything till tomorrow. My question is what do I do first? Do I add my liquid chlorinator to get my chlorine levels up, or do I balance the other attributes of my pool first? Should I go directly into SLAM even though my pool is Crystal clear after the fill?

My current levels:
Salt: 200
Temperature: 72°F
CSI: 0.4
Free Chlorine: 0.0
pH: 7.6
Total Alkalinity: 275
Calcium Hardness: 250
CYA: 0

Link to my export:

Thanks !


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May 19, 2010
Tucson, AZ
Add about 3ppm of chlorine and get 50ppm of stabilizer dissolving in a sock. Then follow the FC/CYA Chart to keep adequate FC in the water.

You can start adding the salt any time.

Nothing else needs to be addressed. Just keep the pH below 8. As you add acid, the TA should come down.