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Apr 1, 2018
Lake Havasu City, AZ
I was wondering if anybody had a preference for chlorine tablets for their fiberglass pool. Has anyone tried the new Clorox brand? I see there are mixed reviews on that,but most of the people having problems have gunite pools. Any recommendations?


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Mar 25, 2018
Chandler Arizona
I know others will chime in, but the general consensus is ditch the tabs, and use liquid chlorine.
After all I’ve learned in a short amount of time here, I pulled mine out and switched to liquid, and it’s much easier to maintain proper levels.

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Hello NevaC and welcome to the forum! :wave: Rob's correct, those tabs have stabilizer in them. Before you know it, your CYA level is too high and you have to dump water. The pool store and installers never tell you about that one, but they're happy to sell you another large bucket for over $100. To increase your FC to the proper level, we recommend regular household bleach. It's Sodium Hypochlorite, just like liquid pool shock (chlorine). Same thing. It's cheap and easy to dispense (slowly) near your return jets each day as needed. Always make sure to balance your FC to your current CYA level as noted on the Chlorine/CYA Chart (link below).

If any of this sounds foreign to you, make sure to read and bookmark the vital links below in my signature, and please update your sig as well to include which test kit you are using. All of this well help us in the future. Congrats on the new pool! :swim: