New Fiberglass pool Indiana and snow is coming before we get cover on. !!


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Jul 23, 2017
Granger, In
Pool builder put in pool a month ago along with a few others before the weather turned. The idea was we would hopefully have a month to put in concrete and get pool cover on as it needs concrete because it’s automatic. Got frustrated seeing pool go uncovered for a month while I skim leaves bi daily as it’s a wooded lot. Afraid leaves will stain. Builder is frustrated too as he says his concrete guy is behind. We are on his list but he’s not sure where?

Neighbor who used this builder 1 week earlier is all done and ready for spring where mine is a mess of dirt and pebbles. Uncovered with dirty water with some pea gravel and leaves debris on bottom, all because no concrete and now it’s too late as the freezing weather coming Tuesday.

Am I justified in being upset or is it no big deal and will all work out in spring?

Since we can’t get the auto cover on till spring, what’s best way to do this winter? Do we put a tarp on it? How do you cover it? Is all this going to stain the fiberglass pool? Ugh, talk me off the ledge please.


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Jul 21, 2014
Big picture its no biggie- this time next year you will forget all about it.
Construction is full of human, weather & distribution delays.
summer will come & and this will be the last thing on your mind.
Your surface won’t stain either.. so step away from the ledge & get yard decorated clark Griswold style!!!


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Sep 7, 2012
I have had a fiberglass pool for 6 years and havethe auto cover but always have a few leaves in the pool when i open it up in the spring and have never had the leaves stain the fiberglass. I woud not use a tarp but maybe buy one of the inexpensive winter pool covers with the water bags to weight it down and be sure to restrict accessto the pool over the winter with a fence etc beccause that is not a safety cover. You might also invest in a regular winter safety cover if u can stake it down. When the cement is poured you could put in the brass things that hold down winter covers and then in the future use that instead of your auto cover as a winter cover. I am not sure about the bonding requirements for those brass plugs that go into the cement to hold the winter safety cover.