New fiberglass pool in Kennesaw, GA


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May 28, 2017
Kennesaw, GA
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I'm so thankful that I discovered TFP about 5 years ago after the pool store people had me dumping bag after bag of shock into my 15 x 30 above ground pool (had it for 25 years) but they couldn't get it clear or get rid of the combined chlorine. We sold that house last year and bought a new house with a very sloped backyard.

We decided to have a fiberglass pool installed and in September 2020, I began searching for the pool we wanted (small, one level).. We decided on the Tallman Tybee pool so I called Tallman and got a list of installers in the Atlanta metro area. The first three I called (in September) said they weren't talking to any new customers until after January 1. I finally found two installers who came out and gave us quotes. In early November we decided on an installer but was unable to get them back out to sign a contract until mid-January, 2021. Our pool was ordered that week and Tallman gave a delivery date of July 29 (at that time they had 1,000 pools in the queue and can only make 30 a week). The delivery date got pushed out a week and our install began on August 5. Here's our progress so far:

Day 1 (Aug 5) A dump truck of gravel was delivered. A big excavator arrived, began rough grading the site and dug the hole for the pool. Tallman delivered the pool during this time and in less than two hours after starting, the excavator lifted the pool off the delivery truck and set it into the ground. They began backfilling a bit and added a foot of water to the pool.

Day 2: Pool equipment delivered, controller installed and the concrete pad was poured. A smaller excavator worked more on the grading and dug a trench for the plumbing. Another foot of water added.

Days 3-5 were a slow go. Plumbing was completed, finished filling pool and started backfilling with gravel until they ran out.

Day 6: The pool installers didn't come this day. Pool heater company installed the heater and solar panels. The fence people installed the fence (8 feet tall across the back for more privacy.

Day 7 (Aug 13): Pool installers finished the electrical, and did more work on the grading.

Still a lot more to go but we feel fortunate to have come this far in only a week after reading about delays others have experienced.

We decided on Travertine coping and pavers around the pool and walkways (950 square feet, color Noche, French pattern). I'll attach a photo of it and our backyard landscape vision. We're going to terrace the uphill side of the yard and the other slide will just slope. There was a big sinkhole on the downhill side of the yard but they filled it with the dirt from the pool hole. We haven't had to bring dirt in or take any away. Any feedback on the vision or anything else would be greatly appreciated.


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Hello Nancy! Always glad to have another Geogian in the place :)

Your pool looks great! I also had to deal with a slope but I think they did a fabulous job with yours. You have more usable yard now then before.

My only suggestion is to return the TDS tester to where ever you bought it. It is totally unnecessary.

More pics please as you proceed.

Maddie :flower:
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