New FG pool in WV with Test results


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Feb 20, 2017
Parkersburg, WV
Thanks to this site I think were ready to get this new pool installed. The PB says depending on the weather it could happen in 2 weeks.
The Caribbean | Leisure Pools USA

Brand: Leisure
Name: The Caribbean
Size: 16x40 Free Form
Volume: 16,535
2-Main Drains
325 SQ Feet Catridge Filter(Hayward)
2.5HP Hayward Eco STR VS
AquaPlus PL-Plus (Automation +40k SWG)
Hayward Heat Pro Heat Pump 140K BTU
3 - 12 Volt Pal Lights LED
TF-100 test Kit

I bought the TF-100 test kit and ran some test on my fill water. The results do not look great.
TA- 300
CH- 575

Couply questions, The TA turned Pink around the 300 mark should I have kept going until it was red? And when you do the CH test are you suppose to stir it? It started turning blue on the bottom much earlier but stayed red on the top. So I kept turning on the SpeedStir.

I understand with TA this high I'm going to have to pay close attention to my PH. Maybe use acid to lower and Aeration to bring my PH back up. I knew I had hard city water but I didn't expect the TA. So more research is in order.

I will post some pictures closer to the dig date. Thanks again for this site!! This is my first pool and I would be lost with out the information here.


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Oct 2, 2013
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Hi Mike,
you are supposed to swirl the test tube when adding the drops on all of the tests except the CYA.

When the solution ceases to change color, or shade of color, then that's when you are done. Add drops and keep swirling when you add that last drop and there is no more change at all, then you're done, and subtract that last drop.

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