new efficient pump, what type, how much can I expect to save


Apr 3, 2011
heya to all,
I have a recently dimondbrited 30x15 wide x 6.5-4'deep in ground S.FL pool, no spa, Pentair CC100 filter, 1 1/2" plumbing to returns/main drain, new hayward high flow skimmer w/2" plumbing to an old blk fiberglass Stayrite pump w/a 220vlt 7.4amp 1hp motor. I've been nursing that old thing now for nearly 20yrs, replacing the motor twice and the bearings and pump seals several times for under $20 bucks a pop. Now it's whining for a new bearing again so I'm thinking to finally replace the whole pump assembly. I've heard the new pumps are more efficient but at what cost? Are they harder for the DIY'r to maintain...seals, motor bearings etc? Will I really save money in the long run? Or should just keep on fixing that old thing?
I would appreciate your recommendations on brands, model, size, price, etc.
thanks and happy swimming.


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May 7, 2007
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Re: new efficient pump, what type, how much can I expect to

Switching to a energy efficient motor could save you about 10%, switching to a two speed could save you up to 50%. But there is no real need to switch the pump portion unless it is giving you problems. The main advantage of the newer pumps are easier to use pump strainer baskets. The big changes have been in motors and knowing when to use a two speed motor instead of a single speed motor.