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Jul 1, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
25K gal in ground pool, built in 1970. We're in Phoenix. Definetly needs a replastering job, complete filter change, possible complete remodel. Weather out here sez "not now". Winter time kinda stuff for this neck of the woods.

Had to do the 'ole PVC glue to "repair" the vacuum hose that sucks the bottom. Whole system needs to be replaced.

Pump is fine, but doesn't take care of the "Crud " that settles on the bottom. Gotta watch the vacuum, as it doesn't have the constant pressure to run all night, causing the pump to "suck air".

Anyhoo, I have cloudy water. No surprise, eh?

CL level is through the roof....10ppm.



Am I gonna enjoy this pool for the summer, or should I just "give up" , keep it full of water, and redo the whole thing at Christmastime?

Thank you in advance.


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Mar 28, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!

Swimming this summer, and perhaps this week, is surely within reason. Enjoy your pool this summer, and do your repairs, etc, over the winter!

We can help you clear up your pool. You need to post test results for the following tests:

CYA especially CYA.

Go to the pool store if you don't have the ability to test for these things. Just get your results and don't buy anything. Post your results here and we can further assist you!

Also, read Pool School and familiarize yourself with Jason's Calculator, both linked in my signature. That will give you great info for clearing up your water, and how to proceed from here on out to maintain a Trouble Free Pool!

Your pH is alarmingly low! However, pH test results are inaccurate if your FC is over 10ppm. (But I think you get a false HIGH reading, and not low...)

Others will be along soon to chime in!


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Apr 22, 2007
You need to clean it up so you don't breed mosquitoes.

You apparently just added a bunch of shock or something and perhaps some acid? Your ph is surprisingly low for Phoenix.

Some things like the filter and pump can be attended to straight away and will help to get your pool working and filtering properly. Replastering, well, it's up to you whether you wait or not.

In Phoenix, you don't drain a pool when it is over 90 degrees unless you are going to replaster. They build and plaster pools all year long.


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Jun 2, 2007
Annandale, VA

It sounds like you may be a little "hands off" in terms of the amount of time and effort you prefer to put into your pool (I know I am). I can tell you two things that have taken a huge load off for me; a salt water (chlorine) Generator and an automatic cleaner. I installed my Aquarite last summer. All I do is add salt as needed (~every few months at the most) and check the chlorine levels and adjust the dial as needed. You'll also need to check CYA in the spring and PH weekly. Since I added a SWG I've never had an algae or cloudy issue and don't need to worry about adding chlorine and shocking.

Automatic cleaners will help with the junk on the bottom. I have a Polaris 280 and have it on a timer. Truth is I only need to run it 3x a week for a couple hours. After having an Aquabot for a few years I like the Polaris better.

I speak from my own personal experience and couldn't be happier with my setup :)



Jul 1, 2009
Phoenix, AZ
Thanks all!

My poor old pump....pvc plumbing, etc.

At night when it's real quiet, I can hear "air" around some of the plumbing joints. So, I used pvc glue at every connection and made sure the screw on lid was real tight by the filter.


The pool shows improvement.

Still a little cloudy, and the pH is kinda low. It did increase though as the water cleared up. Cl is still high. I have one of those floaters with Cl tabs in it.

Should I remove that for the time being?


Alkalinity and Bromine levels are fine, according to the test strip.

I know, I gotta buy a good kit. :wink:

I haven't added any chemicals since my last post.

Another issue:

My little vaccum pump (that thing that sucks dirt off the floor) doesn't work very well. It will go fine for a few minutes then it seems that I lose pressure. The pump won't take on water and it starts to run "dry".

Can't run it while I'm not in attendance as I'm afraid that I'll burn up the motor.

When this happens, I disconnect the "vacuum" and run it in "normal" mode. Works fine when I do that.




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May 20, 2007
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If your water is still cloudy, you should still be at shock level using liquid chlorine. The tablets should be removed, as they lower PH and increase CYA.

You have a chlorine pool, ignore references to Bromine.


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Jun 4, 2009
Coastal Plain, NC
Hey there, welcome to this place. :wave:
Glad you found and plugged some leaks.

I would recommend a robotic cleaner. Even though I spent a pretty penny for mine (> $1000), keeping the bottom of the pool clean with it is a breeze. I just through it in, turn it on, take it out, clean the bag. I don't have any special/extra plumbing/pumping requirements, it gets the floor and the walls, conserves water and doesn't add load to the skimmer basket nor sand filter. I have to run mine every few days because of bird droppings, rain wash, tree leaves, seed pods, meteor dust (wink wink), etc.

Also, I learned about adding DE to my sand filter from this place. What a wonderful idea it has been. I've not needed to use any clarifier in the water this season to clear any cloudiness. Actually, the pool is getting clearer than it has ever been. Woohooo! :-D