New Dolphin Nautilus Plus not picking up dirt... floats along bottom of pool

May 3, 2017
Gig Harbor/WA
I just replaced my old Dolphin Nautilus with a Dolphin Nautilus Plus about 2 weeks ago. From day one I can't seem to get the robot to sit on the bottom of the pool. It's always slightly caddywhompus with one front corner floating about and inch off the bottom of the pool. In fact the whole thing seems overly floaty compared to other cleaners I have had in the past and I feel like it's essentially hovering over the pool bottom as it moves.

I suspect the issue is possibly due to over buoyancy... but it's not picking up dirt hardly at all. If run the robot for a 3 hour session, I can pull out the filters and there isn't much in there at all compared to my old robots. My initially sparkly clear pool water will be dirty and cloudy looking after a single session of cleaning. Overnight as it sits, the dirt will again settle... always worse than before. I have had to resort to hand vacuuming since I brought this robot home. No point in that!

Looking for some possible solutions I may be missing before sending the darn thing back!

Other pertinant info: 26K gallon chlorine above ground Splash Super Pool, this is a recreational and training pool used for dog training, chemicals are balanced daily, and the filter is backwashed at LEAST weekly for the best sparkly pool around (until the new robot arrived anyway).

~The frustrated Dog Pool Owner


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Jul 10, 2012
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I would contact the cleaner company and ask if there has been this problem before. I would also take a good look at the cleaner. Did they leave a "weight" off somewhere? See if you can find the parts blow up picture to see if there is a missing piece.

Good luck!



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Jun 7, 2011
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Love the name!

Welcome to TFP!

The M5 has little styrofoam block floats in each corner inside the outer panels. It sounds like yours could have been assembled with with only one in that corner that it is floating. You might call a servicing dealer and see what they might suggest. Let us know what you find out.

Sorry to hear of your issues, and good luck.