New DIY Vinly Pool Build - (OH)


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May 19, 2017
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Hey Everyone, TFP has been a major resource thus far for me in this learning process. I have completed lots of large projects, additions, etc that I am not too terribly concerned. I am starting this thread to document my process. I like many have found it hard to find great resources on exactly each process required to build. Sure there are some resources but I havent found many to be really detailed for the average DIY'r. Our build will be a 16' by 40' rectangular build with vinyl over steps with 6' of depth. We have a rather large amount of grade to rectify from our walk out to the pool itself. Thus, we will be dropping overall grade from the house to the pool deck by 12". With not being able to have the pool higher than the surrounding landscape itself, 2 large deck drains 4" wide will be going around the pool plus french drains on the concrete beam collar to alleviate any concerns of water behind the liner. We will then be building up 24" of grade to the pool deck. on the rear portion of the pool will go a 16' long 2 tier waterfall wall with 1 - 48" waterfall and 2 36" waterfalls on either side ; 6 deck jets as well . Waterfalls will be ran off a separate 1.5 HP pump with filter.

However, I have some questions that revolve around plumbing, pumps, and where to place the equipment itself. Many resources I have read say within 20' of the deep end. I would like to place it opposite the deep end which will be about 60 feet from main drains.

Anyone have any experience building a waterfall wall on Vinyl liner edge? Trying to gauge on how many piers i need to put underneath to support he concrete block wall with a veener.



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Jul 10, 2012
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How did I miss this one??? That is going to be quite the project but it looks like you have really thought out some of the problems with the drainage and such. Well done!

I am going to ping a couple of people who may have some input on the waterwall feature and the equipment distance from the pool. @jimmythegreek @ajw22


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Dec 9, 2018
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Hi Fellow Columbus resident, watching this closely as I'm just dangerous enough to think that I could pull a vinyl build off on my own. I keep speccing out kits, thinking how hard can it be... then I wander down the details and get cold feet. Will be watching closely!