New DIY in ground build TN


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Jan 19, 2018
I’ve been reading for a while on here, and just saw a post on a very similar pool so here is mine. Kit ordered from Royal swimming pools

20x40 vinyl. Steel Cardinal 48” walls for the deeper shallow end
8 ft gray Latham steps
GLI 28 mil Caribbean gray liner no border (should match up with gray steps)
Cantilever with foam forms for concrete stamped deck. Deck Approx 8ft house side, 6ft deep end, 4ft far side, 20,ft shallow end to fit gazebo
Pool will be at the bottom of a hill about 50 feet from house. Built up 2 1/2 feet above lowest due to occasional flooding from creek at back of the property with french drain on uphill side

2 skimmers
3 returns
2 step jets
No main drains
undecided on additional water features. Possible 2 led laminars 45 degrees off deep end. Would like to add something for noise/kids to play with. Reading mixed reviews on deck jets (loud/deck cracking). I like the Led bubblers but haven’t found anything about putting them on steps since we don’t have a tanning ledge? Any suggestions would be helpful
Pool is near bottom of steep slope. Possible plumbing for future water park type slide from hill to pool.

ordered separately so I’d have more time to research
Raypak 140K heat pump (propools)
Bundle of circupool RJ-60, tj-16 pre filter, Cj-2750 cartridge filter, smartflo 3.0 vs pump (discountsaltpool)
2 pool tone led lights and Emcod 300w transformer for the 2 led lights plus any future lights/landscape lights (Florida Sunseeker)
So far most of the extra equipment shipped out same day. Florida Sunseeker was helpful when I called for info on lights. Unfortunately not impressed with Royal so far. I went with them over another company that I’d talked to mostly because they had better reviews and I was able to remove equipment I didn’t want on the order. But I haven’t received replies to questions, and less than courteous responses to other inquiries.

Excavation/deck/electrical hired out and maybe vermiculite. Can’t wait to get it done!
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