New DIY Build in Mooresville, NC


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Jul 7, 2017
Mooresville, NC
Hey Everyone

First time poster and long time lurker here! I love this site, you guys are amazing!!

We'll be starting our dig at the end of this month.....we're still waiting on our HOA approval grrrrr!!! While we wait we've decided to go ahead and order our pool kit and wondered if you guys could give us some pointers on whether or not we'll be good to go with the pump and filter we're getting with the kit. This will be a no bells and whistles pool and no spa.

Here's the details:-

18x36 rectangle (22000 gallons)
Hayward max flo SP2303VSP (I believe this is a 1.5hp, would you recommend a 2hp)
Hayward 30" top mount filter

We're just not sure if this pump and filter is too big for this pool.

We've bought an SWG which is the Circupool RJ45 and just about to buy the test kit recommended on this site.

Sorry if this is a bit long we just want to make sure we're buying the right equipment.

Thanks so much everyone!!!



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Jul 11, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
Never can go too long for a intro post or any other post for that matter!

I have a 1.5 hp pump for my 25,600 gal pool so yours should be just right.

filter-What kind of filter is this? sand, cartridge, DE? Go as big as your wallet and equipment space can handle. The bigger it is the less you have to clean it!!!

We would love to see a before shot of where this pool is going!

Gurrrrrrrr on waiting here as well! Just sign it and let me start!!