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Jul 6, 2019
Clyde, Michigan
Hello this is my first post here. Couple weeks ago I started a conversion from Bacqua to chlorine of course. The conversion went rather quick it really only took about two days three at most. Within 24 hours the pool went from a fluorescent green do a pretty blue.

Two days later is pretty much done the OCLT test showed one part per million loss overnight and the combined chlorine was down to .2

At first we were using a lot of chlorine of course but then after the conversion I started adding the stabilizer to get the CYA up now it’s pretty settled. Yesterday even though it was sunny and in the low 80s I only lost about 2 ppm chlorine. My CYAis up to 38 now. So I’m pretty happy with it. It probably helps to that the pool is shaded half the day. We have big pines encircling about half the pool. Of course this causes other problems .?

The pool has never looked better and I’m posting this just to encourage anyone who is thinking about converting to just to do it. Trust me you won’t be sorry. I never plan to use anything but BBB and sometimes M! And remember the three C’s ?

This site has proved invaluable during this time. I went ahead and purchased the pool math app and of course got some refills from TF test kits. Thank you!


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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Glad to hear and see the conversion went well for you. A good testimonial to those who may follow. For those who are not aware, here are the instructions:

Congrats again, and enjoy. :swim: