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Jul 8, 2020
Naples, FL
Hey all, so after going back and forth with the engineer that drew up my plans she is saying that my water features will not work when in spa mode, unless I put another pump in. Looking at the plumbing diagram I have attached I believe i understand as to why she is saying this (jandy 2 way valve) so my question for the experts here, is there any other options? I would think in 2020 there would be a different type of valve?

I plan on using the intellicenter, and installing 2 magic bowls. It would be kind of nice to have the magic bowls on/lit up while in the spa.



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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
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The problem is that your magic bowls flow into your pool. So when in pool mode they are constantly filled and pool remains level. if you plumb the magic bowls to flow with the spa (which is feasible with plumbing modification on suction) but then you would be draining the spa as the flow from the bowls are not going back to the spa but to the pool. The pool is isolated in spa mode. If you want full control of your magic bowls then would be best with a separate pump and circulation path. This way you could even flow them when the pool pump is not on. I have a waterfall which is similar and it has a separate circulation path. The suction is from the side wall of the pool and flow returns to the pool. I can run in either pool mode, spa mode or no circulation in either.
One other point I notice is the callout on item PF. It is listed as a EasyTouch Light. This is not recommended as it does not provide sufficient functionality. You can read in other forums the issues with this.
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Jul 21, 2013
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In general suction and returns must come from the same body of water. In SPA mode suction is from the spa and water returns to the pool. In POOL mode suction comes from the pool and returns to the pool. Your current plumbing has your bowls are part of the pool water and can flow in POOL mode.

What your engineer is proposing is installing a dedicated pump with a separate pump for your bowls. Then at the same time you can have the spa in SPA mode with suction from the spa and water returning to the spa and the bowls running having their own suction from the pool and returning to the bowls.

For information on the ET Lite read Pentair Automation Systems - Further Reading