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Jul 30, 2020
Bucks County, PA
Hello all,

Been lurking for a bit, but feeling overwhelm as I am a complete rookie when it comes to purchasing a pool. I met with several PBs and think I like this quote the best. I would appreciate some thoughts and recommendations please.

Attached is the quote. Take care



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Jul 21, 2013
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Get manufacture and model numbers for all equipment you are buying.

What automation controls will you have to control your pool and spa?

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Jul 30, 2020
Bucks County, PA
Well, there's a lot of "NO" responses but I guess that depends on your individual build/plot needs.
ha yes - too many "No's" especially for the cost. I did have him itemize some of the estimates.

Salt System $2,250
3 Sheer Waterfalls with Booster Pump $4,810
2 Fire bowls with Gas Connection $12,000
Raised Bond Beam Wall and Columns $7,740
12’ of Bench $720
Tanning Ledge $2,900
Stone for RBB Wall $6,302
Paver Patio $19,464
Quartz Interior $3,717
Gas Run for Heater $2,790
Heater $3,100
Grading Plan/Survey Work $2,688
Cleaner $850
Variable Speed Pool Pump $920
Spa $7,949
Techo Bloc Piedmonte Coping $2,888

needs/ wants - really just want pool with attached spa, water features, tanning edge area. Deep end for jumping and half of the pool play area for the kids ages 10-2 at the moment.
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