New Concrete/plaster salt water pool high pH, low Chlorine


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Apr 22, 2021
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Hi Everyone,

I’m new to this, our pool is a salt water pool about 15,000 gallons, we filled it up last month, and started to use the solar heating a week ago.
I keep finding that my pH is high 8-7.9 and my Chlorine is below or at 0.5. I have been adding Muriatic acid every other day (24oZ). Also, we are using the waterfalls in the evening for a couple of hours, and the pump is runing from 9am to 6pm with the solar heating runing from 10am to 6pm.
My understanding is that for this type of pool the pH will be high because the plaster is still curing. However, I can’t bring the pH dowm to the normal range, may be I’m not adding enough Muratic acid? Is there a limit you can add on a weekly basis for this volume?
The other chemicals are balanced:
TA is at 80
CA is 30-50
Hardiness is 500

Also, the salt chlorinator that we have is a Jandy Aquapure Apuren 1400, and I have been runing it at 60% as I read that a higher purcentage will also increase the pH.
Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Thank you



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Hey there Bruno.....Are you using PoolMath to help you determine how much Muriatic Acid to use to get the result you want??

How are you testing?? That "CA is 30-50" looks like a Guess-Strip reading?? We don't trust those as you see, you have NO idea what your actual CYA level is. Thats not good. You need to base your FC level off of what your CYA is to make sure you have enough FC to avoid algae.
FC/CYA Levels

Recommended Levels <---See this for SWG levels

We need a GOOD test kit so that we're all speaking the same chemistry language. I would recommend the TF-100 or TF-100 Plus for Salt. The alternative test kit we recommend is the Taylor K2006C, but its more expensive.
Once you have that we can learn your:
Salt Level

Have you read this yet--> ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

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