New concrete deck cracking


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Jun 2, 2020
Hello All,
Hoping for some advice as we just had our new pool concrete decking poured on Wednesday. We already have cracks forming and one appears to be structural running from where our ladder is inserted. No one has used the ladder yet as we have been busy and/or away since it was completed. Looking for some advice as to whether this is normal or not.


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Mar 2, 2011
You’re right next to a control joint, so that is where the concrete should have cracked if it was under stress.

When were the control joints cut?

Maybe they were cut too late.

Maybe a bad mix of concrete.

Maybe bad subsurface preparation with a bad base or not enough compaction.

Maybe some other type of bad workmanship.


Jul 5, 2017
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Those look like very typical cracks in concrete especially when poured in summer temps where it cures faster than in the winter. I'd read your contract but I am willing to bet there will be a clause about cosmetic concrete cracks like this. These do not look like they are structural they are not wide and it does not look like one side is raised. It could for sure be any of the things James mentioned above but in the end just a cosmetic eyesore more than likely.

Obviously you will want to monitor them to see if they get worst as that could mean there is a problem. Where I am in Texas you will see this on pretty much every single concrete job. We built a new house and they are visible pretty much everywhere there is exposed concrete. You can attempt to have them patched but the patch usually looks worst than the crack and not worth doing unless the crack is really big. We went with paver decking specifically for this reason since every pool I have seen here has cracks in the concrete decking. Old saying concrete does two things, gets hard and cracks.
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