NEW Coleman Outdoor SPA Turns On Then Off Quickly, Wont Heat


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Feb 24, 2021
I just bought a coleman 90363E coleman spa and was able to use it's pump/heater to air up my hot tub,
but when I went to turn on the heater, it seems like it will turn on and all the lights flash then it turns right
off, I'm not sure if it's getting enough power or what the problem is?

I've uploading a few videos of my trying to get it to turn on here any help is greatly appreciated!

CLIP 1 :
CLIP 2 :


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Jun 1, 2018
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The cord has a built in gfci - the yellow test button trip it. The red button resets it allowing the unit to have power. I see in one video u have it plugged into an extension cord- this is a no no as it will cause even more voltage drop & could possibly burn up the cord. Not to mention that extension cord will not be gfci protected.
Leave the unit on & see where that gets u w/ out pushing any other buttons. Those units usually have some sort of factory presets that control the heating & filtering cycles.
Here is the manual