new cell installed No Volts

May 24, 2009
Just opened the pool from a long winter nap. I have AutoPilot- Pool Pilot Digital DIG-220 and needed a new cell because last summer it was going bad. So I got a new cc-15 or the new number PPC5. It shows
salt 3000
temp 60 degrees
Volts Zero
Amps 11

I put a new cable on in July before closing in Aug 2016.
45,000 gals

does the power supply need to reset to let it know it has a new cell?
What am I doing wrong



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Jul 19, 2013
Bay Area, CA
From the troubleshooting guide, check for a blown fuse, wiring harness problem, failed power supply or control module.

My electrical engineering spidey senses are telling me you don't get 11 amps at zero volts without either 1) bad design where they are inferring current inappropriately or 2) a failure in the measurement components.

I hope it's only a fuse. As an Autopilot owner, I'm genuinely curious about this. Please update with your findings.


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May 24, 2007
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Just seeing this thread so I am joing in late...

It sounds like the cell isn't being called for chlorine production. It could be a lower purifier percentage especially since the water temperature was so low when this was reported. It also could be the result of testing the voltage and amps during a "purifier off, check flow" message. I assume by this point you've found a solution?