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Oct 12, 2016
Today my new spa gets delivered. I picked up an unused floor model (perfect cosmetically) Caldera for $4700 with steps, cover lift, and spa startup kit. I plan to fill and wire it up today since our temps here in NE Ohio will dip below freezing tonight. I had a licensed electrician run a line from main panel to a spa 60A GFCI box on my pool deck over 5 ft from the planned spa location, and I bought watertight PVC tube/ and flexible conduit to protect the 4 (red/black/white/green) 8 gauge copper wire to the spa. The flex conduit is to run from rigid PVC conduit to the spa controller (less than 6 ft per code). I read up on how to properly run the wire from GFCI to spa.

I had a jacuzzi spa for several years 17 years ago in California, so I am not a complete newbie. This is my first with Frog cartridges and in below freezing temps at night. I used to use a Bromine floater in CA, so I am a little lost on the finer points of Frog and avoiding freezing lines should power fail or spa not work right upon startup. Any suggestions or pointers from the experts on here?


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Jul 21, 2013
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It's worthwhile ordering it. People often find their new spas have solvents and manufacturing chemicals in them and are not as clean as they thought they would be.
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Oct 12, 2016
Installation went smoothly (no damage) but they forgot my steps. It took a couple of days to run the power conduit. I only had to bring up TA and Ph slightly then shock. I really like having the cover lift and steps.
The spa manual says to use a winter insulation kit when temps are below freezing. The dealer said he has a similar one and never needed it, and he said they do not carry one. With temps dropping into the 20s it is making me nervous not having the kit.
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