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We are close to starting our pool build we still have time to make some changes and would love some feedback. Is there any changes or things we missed we are thinking about a 10ft tanning ledge and running steps the whole width of the pool coming off the tanning ledge.

Custom Inground Gunite Pool Installation
10'x40' w/ 3'-5' depth
Steps: Wedding Cake
Plaster: White or Grey
Coping: 12x24 Stone of choice (stock)
Tile: 6x6 Frost Free
Deck: Broom Finish, 4' sides and 6' ends
Tanning Ledge: 8x16 including 2 bubblers 1umbrella holder
Bench: Standard in the deep end

Residential: Equipment
Automation Panel with Salt
Variable Speed Pump
325 Sq ft Cartridge Filter
Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner


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Jan 17, 2012
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Hey there Rocks... welcome to TFP :handwave:
On your plan these are my suggestions:
-Make the minimum depth (water depth, you want to specify) at 3.5', if not 4'. One can't swim laps in 3' without scraping knuckles, and its not a comfortable height to stand in, really.
- Upsize the filter. You can't really go to big, but the larger the cartridges are the fewer times you have to clean them per season.
-Full length steps are wonderful... little ones hang out on them, they provide wet seating for folks just sitting and chatting.
-Go Robot. We can hook you up with a dealer that sells cheaper than your pool builder.
-You will want the Intellicenter and Intelliflo pump package, to save money and have the most up date system.
-Do NOT get an SVRS pump. Very annoying and problematic feature.

Keep us update and we'd love to see pics of the build.

Maddie 🇺🇦
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