New Build- Tampa, FL- Social Area & In Pool Seating Options


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Jun 24, 2021
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New here, just getting started on the design of our pool. We are 30-40yrs old, no kids and would like the space mostly for entertaining, relaxing at night/weekends, and potentially exercise as we get older. We may have a few kids over from time to time, but mostly adults using for socializing and cooling off.
Requesting feedback on the following for the attached design.

1. We were thinking a sport pool, with depths from 3.5' - 5' - 4.5', but don't really want to be on our tip toes too much. Should this maybe be adjusted to 3.5'-4.5'-4'?
2. We were recently at a friend's who had their "sun shelf" as the 2nd step level, where you could sit on the ground or in a chair and have your legs underwater. We also wanted a first level sun shelf, so this design tries to incorporate both. Anyone have a ledge on the 2nd level/bench height? If so, do you like it? Pros/Cons? How deep is yours?
3. We also wanted a little social area to hangout around a table inside the pool, thus the bumpout with the bench seats and table. Anyone else have a table? Do you use it often, or is it wasted space?
4. We will likely extend our existing patio out for additional entertaining space, eventually including a small outdoor kitchen. The kitchen would probably go on the right hand perimeter of the patio... those of you that have an outdoor kitchen, do you see any issues with the distance between the social pool space and the future kitchen?

Welcome any other thoughts on the overall design. Everyday we see a new pool, we get new ideas! Thanks!


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May 3, 2014
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Let's give this bump to see if some can provide their input.

I would suggest you consider how you plan to clean the pool with so much complexity in the pool design. Ledges, tables, benches, all have to be manually cleaned as robots cannot get around our up on them. So be aware of how much complexity you design in.
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Jun 16, 2019
I think the depth of the pool is something to really think about. I'm 6,4 and 3.5' deep water to me is not going to cut it! That's waist high water and not to fun. Your height does make a difference. Also are you thinking that's the water depth or just depth? PB's for some reason love to skimp on depth.
We made our tanning ledge 9" deep (again, water depth) which seems to be a popular depth.
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