New build skimmer question


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Apr 9, 2018
New build in LI, NY. Probably a stupid question:). They just installed the liner and am questioning the finished height of the skimmer in relation to patio. It measures 3 1/4” from top of pool beam. If my coping is 1 3/4” how is that 1 1/2” extra addressed? I planned on making a paver to conceal that ugly white cover. In this case -it’s above the patio finished height. Are these things cut to height? Last big payment is due with liner install- like tomorrow :confused:
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Aug 29, 2017
Van buren, AR
Most skimmers when installed have a sliding collar to accommodate different deck heights. It is typically set when they get the forms set.

Can you move it up or down? If not do you see any screws set it it by your contractor?


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May 18, 2017
Bradford ontario
The lid most likely slides up and down as mentioned earlier. Go have a look. You can probably lift it and it will slide up pretty easy. When I installed mine I waited until I have the coping and concrete forms built then I used a straight edge to set the level and taped the collars to hold it while the concrete was poured.