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Jan 2, 2021
Pearland TX
We are excited about having our pool build, a lot of great information on this form. See below a summary of our new build. Please feel free to review and share your critique, feedback, questions, or comments.

Shape: Geometric ~36’ Long X 18’ Wide (Including Beam)
Linear Perimeter Feet: ~116
Water Type: Chlorine
Square Feet Surface Area: ~618 Sq. Ft.
Depth: ~3’6” X 5’6”

Steel Specs:
Beam – ½” #4 Rebar 4 Bar Box Beam
Grid – 3/8” #3 Rebar on 8” Centers
Dam Walls – All Double Curtain Steel all 3/8” #3 Rebar on 8” Centers
Gunite – 7 to 1 Sand to Cement ratio / Minimum 12” gunite beam - Minimum 6” Walls & Floors / Approx. 7” Cove

~ 12” H X 18” H X 12” H X 36’ L – Raised Water Feature Wall w/ (3) 18” Sheer Descents
~6’ 3” X 10’ Tanning Ledge w/ 2 Bubblers at front entrance w/ Umbrella Anchor
~16’ X 18” Bench along the left side wall

Coping – 24” Travertine. Coping is typically high-end travertine material (e.g. Ivory, Noce, Autumn).
Waterline Tile – Standard Porcelain Ceramic (Frost-proof)
Accent Tile – If Requested (standard frost-proof tile)

New Decking - ~360 Sq. Ft. Spray Deck Concrete
Topping Existing Areas – Yes ~287 Sq. Ft.
Specs – Rebar on 16” centers. Average @ 4” thickness
Drainage Details – Standard channel drain or area drainage (depending on decking configuration) w/ gutter downspout connections as necessary

Wet Edge Pebble Category 1 Included (Plaster Options and Associated Cost Adjustments Below)

Pool Automation System – Pentair Easy Touch PSL 4 w/ ScreenLogic Smart Phone Application Controls
Standard Control System – N/A
Filter System – Pentair Clean & Clear 520 Plus Cartridge
Main Pool Pump – Pentair Intelliflo VSF 3HP Variable Speed Pump
Water Feature Pump – 1 HP WhisperFlo Pump (Bubblers & Wall Features)
Sanitation System – CMP POWERCLEAN Tab Ultra VS In-Line Chlorinator (Clear Lid)
Pool Lights – (2) Pentair IntelliBrite Color 5g LED 26 Watt
SuperPro Auto-Fill

• 2” Pool Suction
• All separate lines are 2”
• Sch 40 PVC Pipe for all major pool plumbing
• 2” Returns to first T for Pool
• Hi-Temp Unions on all Pump Connections
• Backwash Line to P-Trap @ Sanitary Sewer Installed (Where Required)
• Dual Surface Skimmers for optimum surface water circulation
• Full Circle Drains on Pool, Dual Anti-Vortex Drains for Water Feature
• Circulation – (6) top returns, (2) bottom returns, (2) returns in tanning ledge (bubblers)

Pentair Prowler 920 IG Robotic Cleaner


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Jan 17, 2012
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Hi there Pool2021, welcome to TFP :wave:

I think you should ditch that puck chlorine dispenser and go with a Salt Water Chlorine Generator (SWG) which will provide you with the chlorine you need daily, even on vacation. IGNORE any whines from PBs in Texas about damage to pool equipment from salt because *all* pools build up a certain level of salt as a byproduct from pool chemicals.

Are you desirous of such shallow levels or is that just what the pool builder offered in passing? 36' long is long enough for a deeper end which allows for safer cannon balls, dives, etc. 3.5' shallow end may cause some knuckle scraping for long armed folks trying to swim. If I did another pool (especially since I assume kidlets hang out near stairs and baha shelf) I'd personally go 4' to 7"(or more?). I used to love to dive and can't in my pool. darnit.

I think you should move up to the Pentair Intellicenter for automation. @Jimrahbe can double check this, its his specialty.

I also think for a 36' long pool you need 3 lights minimum.

My two cents,
Maddie ✌️
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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
Pool Size
Liquid Chlorine
Welcome to TFP. Many contributors from Texas. Great design on the pool.

Pool Automation System – Pentair Easy Touch PSL 4 w/ ScreenLogic Smart Phone Application Controls
I do not have a Pentair Easy Touch but I have read in other posts that the "L" in PSL means "light" version which limits capability. The PS means Pool/Spa. You may want to do some more research on this. I have found it best to think through everything you want to control and when you want to control it (when in either Spa or Pool Mode). Then get with the PB to confirm that system will meet your expectations.
Wet Edge Pebble Category 1 Included (Plaster Options and Associated Cost Adjustments Below)
I have Wet Edge Primera Stone which is great but it is a higher end of their product offering. Suggest you view this YouTube of Wet Edge Products so you can decide what you want as this explains all the differences.
Wet Edge Technologies – various types of plaster – overview of all products

Sanitation System – CMP POWERCLEAN Tab Ultra VS In-Line Chlorinator (Clear Lid)
You may want to seriously consider a change to a Salt Water pool using a Salt Water Chlorine Generator (SWCG). Lots of info on the forum on all types.

Your pump, filter looks good and great that they are putting in 2 skimmers.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Any pool builder who would install a PL4 or PSL4 should be ashamed of themselves.. The "L" stands for lite as in the kind of salad dressing that no one likes..

The lite version of the EasyTouch does not come with a load center for all your circuit breakers, has a max of 4 schedules, and only two feature circuits. It is a cheap imitation of the real thing.

I suggest that you upgrade to a real EasyTouch or the new IntelliCenter.. I can tell you right now you will never be happy with the salad dressing he is trying to sell you. :mrgreen:

ScreenLogic is almost a requirement if you go with a real EasyTouch.. A ScreenLogic-like system is included with the new IntelliCenter.


Jim R.
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May 20, 2020
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Great. You may want to take some quick measurements of lxwxd. estimate 6-8inches for concrete walls (or whatever they may have specified in your contract). Just to ensure you getting near the size you contracted for. Depth is the hard one to estimate measurements now because of the forms and where coping will be placed.

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Jul 31, 2021
League City
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Pentair Intellichlor IC-40
Thank you all for your feedback. We upgraded the controller to Pentair Easy Touch 8 PS, depth to 4’x6’x4’ and changed to SWCG.

We signed today. Thanks again, we can’t wait for them to start.
Curious who you went with. I’m in league city and getting quotes currently


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Apr 6, 2018
Sugar Land, Texas
I’d Make sure and tell them to leave room for the SWG you are going to want after u get tired of draining water due to excessive CYA from the Chlorine tabs or dumping liquid chlorine in your pool EVERY day from May-October. Take it from a fellow Houstonian…
Also, I’d consider adding some type of Chiller or Heat Pump so that u aren’t swimming in water that feels like you are at the Hot Springs. My buddy’s pool in my neighborhood hit 96 deg..
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Hi @scmj222 and welcome to TFP! We have found it is best to not post PB's names on the open boards. If things go sideways you don't want it to become a problem down the road. You are more than welcome to name names in PMs. I hope you start a build thread so we can cheer you along and offer helpful suggestions!
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