New Build - Northern CA


May 25, 2020
Northern CA
Hey all figured its my turn to get some photos posted here.
Broke ground finally the week before Christmas.

very surprised with the amount of water, more on that next but first






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May 25, 2020
Northern CA
So with the water in the deep end, I have been pumping constantly since the day after the dig was completed.
We have had very little rain, maybe 2 storms and not that bad.

I have the water gone but theres light flow of water from the sidewall that doesnt seem to stop. My pump has an auto cut off feature when no water is detected... it has never cut off.
Is this ground water? My PB doesnt seem to think so, I have checked all my water lines out back and I have nothing sending water to the back half of the property.

I monitored my water meter for about an hour and the needle never moved, so if its not ground water I'm not paying for it (woot?!)
I asked my neighbor if he had noticed an irrigation leaks or thought he had some water issues. he has his irrigation shut off for winter so we are pretty sure its not him.

I cut the pump off for 1 day (during trenching) to see how far it would fill, and it only raises to the water level shown in the initial dig photos.

Will this be an issue? My PB says he will trench, install gravel w/ pump and run a drain line to get the water out. He doesnt seemed too concerned about it, should I just not worry about it? Thought about calling the water company.

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