New Build - North Texas - Thoughts?


May 1, 2021
Argyle, TX
This will be our first pool, and while I've read many of the posts and guides on choosing a builder and the design - I would appreciate any comments/suggestions on our plans.

    • Area 454 sq ft
    • Perimeter 108 linear feet
    • length 38'
    • width 16'
    • Spa - 11'x12' raised 12" with tiled spillway
    • Tanning ledge 6'x11'
  • Steel
    • 1/2" steel on 5" and 10" centers
    • 20' breaker bars along bottom of pool
    • 3/8" deck dowels included
    • reinforced rear feature wall
  • Plumbing
    • 2" return line and 2" suction lines for pool
    • 2.5" suction line for spa
    • 8 hydrotherapy spa jets plumbed in 2" line and separate air line
    • 2" pool sweep line
    • 2 skimmers
    • plumbing for 3 - 24" sheer falls
  • Lighting
    • 2 LED lights pool
    • 1 tanning ledge LED light
    • 1 Spa LED light
  • Gunite with 7 sack mixture
  • Decking 760 sq ft of colored salt decking or rainbow hand seeded aggregate
  • Plaster - white with color quartz seed interior finish
  • Equipment
    • Jandy variable speed pump
    • Jandy 580 series cartridge filter
      Jandy 400,000 btu heater
      Jandy suction cleaner
      Jandy IAqualink control system
      2 HP Polaris QT blower
      120 GPM water feature pump
      Fusion inline chlorinator w/mineral pack

I know we want to add the salt system - but am hearing lots of concerns about salt and whatever we ultimately choose as pool decking. He also offers an upgrade on the decking to travertine pavers (760') at $3400. Thoughts on pavers and the need/estimated costs to reseal every couple years?

I'm also concerned that with the size of our spa the 8 jets wont be enough - suggestions? Should we also plan to have jets at the floor/feet area and seating area?

We haven't discussed an in-floor cleaning system - thoughts on that? I've read through the forum and seems mixed reviews with comments about operating costs being high.



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May 20, 2020
Katy TX
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Very nice design.
You definitely have a large spa. Are you putting the 8 jets on 3 sides or on all 4 sides (ie. 2 per side). You can have low jets and high jets so that is an option. You may need to consider a separate pump just to run the jets if you add more.

You should have both your skimmers plumbed back to the pad as independent lines. Do you also have a main drain?

It is good that you have a separate water feature pump and the cartridge filter is good along with the main VS circulation pump.

Ensure your spa is level to get the overflow look you desire when in normal pool mode with overflow to the pool.

The IFCS is a personal choice, the only issue is that you should have standard wall returns in addition to the IFCS. This enables you to bypass the IFCS and still maintain good circulation. If you go with the IFCS you may want to rethink the need for a suction cleaner and consider a robot in the future if needed.


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Jun 10, 2020
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but am hearing lots of concerns about salt and whatever we ultimately choose as pool decking
I am guessing when you say this, you are hearing it from builders, and not the actual pool owners around here, right?

Texas builders seem allergic to salt water pools, but Texas folks who own them seem to love them and have no issues with their coping, or equipment, or really anything.

Just remember, the advice you find here from the fine folks giving it is based on their experience, and are not making any money off you for giving it. They have no financial gain by helping out. PBs who make up stories about why something is bad, because they don't want to do it this way, or that way, are making money off of their advice in the end.

SWCG, inline feeder, liquid chlorine, its all up to you to make the decision, but make it based on what you find here, not just some story from a PB who has some kind of angle for his or her advice.
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May 1, 2021
Argyle, TX
I am guessing when you say this, you are hearing it from builders, and not the actual pool owners around here, right?
Actually, our PB recommended the salt, but then cautioned us on the potential need and cost to reseal the pavers, or concrete decking. I haven't really found much about salt issues such as this though and wonder why so many builders would be against them seeing as its an extra hardware component to add margin too - unless they simply are old school.

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