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May 4, 2020
Anderson, TX
Howdy! I joined last year to start gathering info and am finally to the point of getting serious on a new build. I've talked to two different builders so far and would like to talk to one more before signing anything. One is definitely out, but the other has been helpful so far. We have a design we like, however, so a third builder would be to price check and try to get a better feel for customer service. We live in a small town about an hour northwest of Spring and about 30 minutes southeast of College Station. I know there are a lot of Houston folks on here, so I figured I'd run our current bid by the group to see how it compares.

Freeform design
89 linear feet / 505sqft
3.5' to 6' depth
32.5' x 23.5' x 16'
Raised beam along back edge of pool with 5 scuppers (4.5' @ 6" tall, 10' @ 12" tall, 4.5' @ 6" tall)
8' / 6' tanning ledge with umbrella holder
3 removable bar stools and 1 removable table - Builder suggested removable for ease of cleaning and flex space

Jandy Cartrige CV 460
Jandy PHPM 2hp
2 skimmers
Intermatic Dual Time clock
Pentair Rainbow 320 inline chlorinator
Polaris 280 w/PB4 booster pump (I've asked to remove this from the bid - $1360 credit - and will purchase a Dolphin separate from the build)
Optional booster pump for water feature available if desired ($800 upgrade not in cost of bid)

Beam - #4 Rebar
Walls/Floor - #3 Rebar
Gunite - 6:1 Cement sacks / yard of sand ratio
Gunite (Beam) - 12" pneumatically applied @ 4000 PSI
Gunite (Walls/Floor) - 6" pneumatically applied @ 4000 PSI
Sch 40 pool plumbing & Sch 80 pump connections
Skimmers & main drain plumbed separately to equipment
Manual plumbed filler with valve to operate

310sqft of decking - We're going with simple brushed concrete. Builder spec'd an 18" matt of #3 rebar
The design shows coping, but we're not planning on doing separate coping - I like the clean look of concrete to the pool edge
Still need to choose tile and interior finish - quote was spec'd with Pebble Tec/Pebble Sheen with a $4000 credit if we go with a quartz finish instead of pebble

Total for all is $62,365

All in all, I'm about a 7 out of 10 on the builder. They built one for my BIL last year and he was pleased with the process. My concern comes from the lack of a site visit so far and a very "hands off" approach from the builder. There are features in our yard that I'd like to tie the decking to, which would likely add to the amount of decking needed (upcharge). Same with the pool equipment. While it'll be near the pool, it's a good distance from the house (we're on 3/4 acre out in a small rural town) and the extra run may be an additional cost. I'd also asked for 2 bubblers on the tanning ledge that aren't spec'd, so that's going to add to the bid, I'm sure.



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Jul 21, 2013
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Apr 8, 2017
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Guess is the pool builder is making roughly 10 grand on this build which is fair.

i would want more information on plumbing sizes

your location is pretty close to me. I’m in Montgomery Texas and going to be doing a owner builder pool. Gunite slotted for may 5th!
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