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Jun 22, 2020
Magnolia TX
Looking to tap in to the collective brilliance of TFP. Been reading and reading and reading..... the forums that last month or so trying to educate myself as much as possible. We have a proposal that we are leaning towards right now and want to throw it in here for thoughts and critiques. I already know about the collective distain for tab chlorinators so that is already on my list to change out. We haven't met with a single PB didn't poo poo the salt idea but it is ultimately my call so they can grind their teeth. We plan to go with all man made items to lesson the potential issues (or phantom issues) that comes up with salt and soft natural stones. Something along the lines of NPT cast concrete coping and hopefully the same cultured (fake) stone we have on our house for the raised beam.

I am going to copy and past the specs vs. post images of the pages. Couldn't get a decent shot with out shadows making it hard to read.

Thanks for everyones time and help.


Pool and Spa:
Area: 556 Sq. Ft.
Perimeter: 95 Ln. Ft.
Dimensions: 23’7” W x L 32’9”
Depth: 3’6” to 6’
Capacity: 18,000 Gallons
Benches: 6’ in Length
Sun Shelf: 6’6” x 10’ Sun Shelf w/ Umbrella Sleeve

Description: 5’6” x 8’6” Deck Level Spa w/ a Spillway and (5) Parajets
Area: 42 Sq. Ft.

Feature/s: 30’ of 12” Raised Travertine Wall
(3) 16” Stone Scuppers
50 Ln. Ft. of Concrete Footers at Deck Perimeter
45 Cubic Feet of Gunite Pool Structure Out of Ground

Equipment Pad: Gunite
Filter: Pentair Clean & Clear Plus, Cartridge Filter 420 Sq. Ft.
Pool/Spa Pump: Sta Rite Max E Pro VSF Pump
Cleaner Pump: Sta Rite Max E Pro, 1 HP Pump
Blower: Silencer 1.5 HP
Cleaning System: Paramount PCC-2000 Cleaning & Circulation System w/MDX-R3 Main Drain System and Debris Canister
Controller: Intellicenter 8 Digital Controller w/ iPhone and Android App
Sanitizer: CMP Chlorinator
Ozone: Paramount O3
UV: Paramount UV2
Auto Fill: Paramount Paralevel

Pool: (2) Pentair GloBrite Low Voltage LED’s
Spa: (1) Pentair GloBrite Low Voltage LED

Heater: Pentair Sta Rite Max-E-Therm, Natural Gas, 400,000 BTU
Electrical: 290’ for Pool and Spa and Service to Equipment
Gas Line: 290’ of 1.25” Gas Line for Heater Connection

100% Gunite:
Beam: 12” x 12”
Walls & Floor: 6”
Steps, Benches & Features: Per Plan
Beam: (4) Bars of ½” Rebar
Walls/Floor: 3/8” Rebar on 8” Centers

1. PVC Schedule 40
2. Quick Disconnect Fittings at Pump Connections
3. Pentair Never Lube Valves
4. Fill line (1) ¾” Sch. 40 w/Valve & Vac Breaker
5. Main Drain: Pool - Paramount MDX – R3 and SDX Main Drain Assembly
Spa - Two (2) Paramount SDX Main Drain Assembly
6. Pool Return Inlets: Per Paramount PCC2000
7. Spa: Five (5) Paramount Parajets
Two (2) Common Returns w/ Directional Eyeballs
8. Skimmers: Two (2) Pentair Bermuda
9. Overflow: 2” Schedule 40 PVC

Note: Standard plumbing package includes 2” direct piping from each skimmer and 2.5” piping from the main drain assembly to the equipment with independent valves. Spas have 2.5” return and 3” suction piping.

Coping: Travertine
Tile: Ceramic Tile or Travertine
Face of Raised Wall: Split Face Travertine

New Deck: 648 Sq. Ft. of Spray Deck
Capping: 300 Sq. Ft. of Over Back Patio and 35 Sq. Ft. on Back of Raised Beam
Rebar: 3/8” on 16” Centers
Slab: 4” Thick
Mastic: Perimeter of Coping
Drainage: 50’ of 4” Area Drains with Plastic Drain Heads
Umbrella Sleeves: (1) Deck Sleeve in Addition to (1) on the Sun Shelf

Pool: Pebble Tec, Cat. 1
Spa: Same
Tanning Shelf: Same

(1) 8’ x 16” Telescopic Pole, (1) Vacuum Head, (1) Nylon wall brush, (1) Leaf Net, (1) Vacuum Hose, (1) 4 in 1 Test Kit, and (1) Chemical Start-Up KitJacks-2_004.jpg
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Welcome and congrats on the new project. This will be no surprise to hear, but unless this is an indoor pool, you should dump the UV and ozone. No added benefit. In addition, you may consider eliminating the suction cleaner in lieu of a robot, but that's a personal choice. As for the CMP Chlorination, you won't use it much as it (the tabs) will increase CYA too high over time. So unless you plan on adding liquid chlorine manually each day, consider a salt water generator (SWG) rated for twice the size of your pool minimum. Hope that helps.
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Jul 17, 2019
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Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Pentair Intellichlor IC-40
Since you are getting the intellicenter, I would have them write in the contract for extra Intellivalves for your scuppers, bubblers, and any other water features you want to automate.
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Jun 8, 2015
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I have salt and love it, travertine coping and no material break down in 1st year!! Upsize the filter and Heater if adding 1.

Good Luck.

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