New Build in Southern California


Mar 9, 2021
Tustin, CA
Pool Size
Salt Water Generator
SWG Type
Pentair Intellichlor IC-40
Hi all,
I have a lot of catching up to do here. Our pool/spa project started in mid-November. Existing trees, plants, planter wall, cement, and old fencing were removed from the backyard. Permits took about 5-6 weeks. Excavation and rebar were done in mid-February. Gunite was sprayed the first week of March. Waterline tile is just about done. We're chugging along, but I have some concerns about the pool equipment selections. Everything is Pentair and I've done enough reading to know it's a quality brand.

A list of equipment was included in my contract, but I'm not sure if it's what I need or should have. Pool equipment is being ordered later this week. I would really appreciate some guidance/advice so I can make changes if necessary. THANK YOU!

In-ground gunite pool and raised spa w/ infinity edge

27’ x 16’
3.5 feet to 6.5 feet depth

7.5’ x 6’ (interior)
3.5 feet depth

Pentair MasterTemp 400,000 BTU Heater
1 - Filter – 60 Gal
1 - Circulation Pump – 3hp variable speed
1 - 2hp buster pump
1 - 1hp for waterfalls
2 - 18” sheer descents
1 - Easy Touch Control panel 4 function
1 - Screen Logic
2 - Intellibrite LED lights in pool
1 - Intelllibrite LED light in spa
4 button spa side control

Jewelscapes Aquamarine or Stonescapes Aqua Blue
NPT Carrara Blanco porcelain ledger panel (pool/spa)
MSI Cottage Wenge porcelain tile (firepit and BBQ island)


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