New build in Charleston, SC. Plaster complete and water is in


Oct 4, 2015
Charleston, SC
Mind if I ask which builder you went with in Charleston? We've got some issues with the current pool and we're debating heavily if we want to make the jump from vinyl to concrete or gunite. With how high housing values have jumped, it just might be worth it.


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Apr 5, 2020
Charleston South Carolina
New delivery of coping came in last week and was installed/bullnosed. Plaster is happening on Friday and the rest of the deck will be done next Tuesday. Fence will also be going in next week. Can't believe the fence was the hardest part of this process lol.

Still have a patio cover to go in but that isn't happening until December (we'll see). Can't believe the pool is going to be finished before the patio cover!

Really impressed with my builder so far. They are here all the time. Daily updates and inspections the entire time. I never even have time to question something before they have already addressed it and let me know. Even things I wouldn't have thought to say something about they are bringing attention to and having it fixed since it isn't up to their standards.

Guess I need to order my test kit asap!
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Apr 5, 2020
Charleston South Carolina
Water went in on 11/13. We had an issue with the elevation of the patio (done by the patio cover company). It was too high compared to the elevation of the pool (pic included). I'm still not sure which company was actually at fault for it happening lol. The pool company decided to demo the entire 10' x 35' pad/footers and pour it again. It didn't lose us any time/money and now all of our concrete was poured at one time which is nice.

Plaster color is Wet Edge Signature Matrix Cadet Blue.

Patio cover is scheduled for next week. After that is landscaping and that will wrap things up for this project. Just have to stare at the spa for a couple more weeks before I can turn the heater on :(


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