New Build in Central Texas - Finsihed!


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Jun 5, 2011
Flower Mound, TX
At least being in central Texas, a rock structure like that is part of the natural environment. Here in DFW, I’ve seen way too many rock waterfalls and slides that just look completely out of place, especially when there’s not even one other stone on the property. I suspect you’ll be able to integrate additional landscaping that will make it look more natural, especially since you pre-planned for it.


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Jul 18, 2020
Carlsbad, CA
So one thing I noticed is the boulders are too uniform in size and shape so it doesn't look natural. They look like they are in rows. I don't know if you could change that up some. If you could take out some of that and add in some flat rocks or large boulders to break up that appearance. Too me, it's not size as much as it is what I said above, that it is too uniform and in rows so that it doesn't look natural. As for landscaping, that will help. Maybe put some small rocks or decomposed granite ground cover in and around that area. You can see your PB did this on his example.