New Build in Central Florida


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Apr 2, 2017
Tampa, Florida
Hello All,

New member here. We moved to Florida last year and just finished up our pool build at the new place about a month ago. It's an 8500 gallon salt water pool with Hayward pump, filter, and chlorinator w/ T-15 cell. I'm going to be maintaining the pool myself and I've learned so much from this forum so just wanted to say thanks for that. So far everything is going smoothly. The pH seems to be high often and I have to add a lot of acid but the builder said this is normal until the plaster walls completely cure and then pH should become more stable. The salt level is at 4200 ppm and Hayward says optimal salt level is 3200 but again builder said not to worry the level will come down over time and will not hurt anything. Anyways here's a little video I did of the build from start to finish:

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