New Build - Equipment Placement and Electrical Source


Feb 5, 2021
Ontario, Canada
Hi all, I'm looking for some advice/guidance on pool equipment placement and where we can run our electrical source from to the controller.

I'm looking at placing the pump/filter/heater/chlorinator outside against the side of my garage, and the Hayward OmniLogic controller/panel inside a nearby shed (yet to be built).

1. If we place the equipment outside, can the controller be located separately from the equipment (about 6' to 8' away) inside the shed? (in my attached picture, black line is gas, green line would be conduit between controller and equipment pad, if possible)
2. Are we better off placing the equipment inside the shed (with a vent kit)? This is at the expense of storage and possibly some type of bar top. The area in question sees sunlight between about 2pm and 5pm and would be properly covered/serviced in the off-season (Ontario, Canada).
3. Where can I run my electrical from to the panel? I'll obviously hire a qualified electrician to do the work, but I'm just trying to plan it now. In my attached picture, there are 2 red lines leading to the controller for possible electrical sources. On the left it would come out from my house, with about 50' of wiring inside my basement (unfinished) to reach the main electrical panel. On the red line leading up on the page, it would be about 25' to the meter on the side of my garage. Does anyone know if the source of electricity can come right from my side of the meter (easy to trench outside rather than run wire from my main panel inside), or does it have to pass through my home electrical panel first? The reason I ask is because my controller is a Hayward OmniLogic which itself acts as a 125A subpanel. My house panel is rated for 200A, but don't have any breaker spaces left. What will be involved to wire the OmniLogic?

(located in Ontario, Canada)

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Jul 21, 2013
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The OmniLogic needs to be wired through your main electrical panel. There are many ways an electrician can deal with a full panel. It will just take some work by the electrician.

The OmniLogic needs to be in the same area as the equipment. Within sight and reach. To maintain the equipment you need to be able to move between the controls and equipment. In addition US codes require equipment shutoffs to be within sight and reach of the equipment.


Feb 5, 2021
Ontario, Canada
Thanks for the reply. I just spoke to the PB and I can now understand why it should all be together as he said the chlorinator should be removed over winter in our area and it's hard wired from the chlorinator to where you plug it into the OmniLogic. He's going to look into it, but if we still want to put the equipment outside and controller inside the shed, he would place a conduit large enough that I could easily snake the cord back in every spring. I'd put the door on that side of the shed as well so you could be closer between the equipment and controller.

I also looked at the OmniLogic and it notes 100A max input (I read somewhere it was 125A, but i was mistaken). I'm going to start making some calls to local electricians and see what options I have.
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