New build 33" round inset into ground...opinions appreciated

Apr 21, 2016
So, we are going to set the 33' round Sharkline Matrix with 54" wall about 40" into the ground, might even try to go deeper, not sure yet. I am over digging the hole at least 5' on all sides. The idea is to leave about 60" between the wall and the dirt with no back-fill. I was thinking that we would build a deck to cover the area between the dirt and the pool and then pour concrete for the rest of the decking. My side yard is the most horrible blow sand that you will ever see. It will not stand water in the area that is not back-filled, though I will tile it just to be safe. What do you guys think about that? Any better ideas? Am I crazy to think this is a good idea?


Here is what I have so far....



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Whatever you do, keep the equipment easily accessible. I've seen way, way too may people put equipment under a deck or in an awkward place and it just becomes tedious over time. Keep the pics coming! :)