New booster pump Hayward 6060 has little pressure


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Aug 22, 2010
The pool, and a Polaris 180 came with the house. The 180 needed work, so I got a Phantom. The Phantom worked great using the Polaris booster pump that was powering the 180.
The Polaris booster pump finally died and I replaced it with a Hayward 6060. I used the existing plumbing and electrical (so 3/4 intake to pump and flex hose out of pump), and the pump is on 220v.
This pump (hooked up as described) only gets 10psi using the gauge that came with the Phantom. The Phantom likes 20+ PSI :(
Hayward said that maybe the hose on the Phantom is the issue (yes the piece of Crud Phantom hose leaks and also restricts flow but that is another subject)
So I tried hooking up the 180. The 180 with this pump will not climb into the shallow end or climb the walls (the hose that on the 180 does not leak or restrict flow).

I disconnected the 180 and used the hose to full a 5gal bucket, it took 30 seconds, so I am getting about 10gal per min.
I checked the voltage going into the pump and it is fine..

So the questions are:
How much pressure should a Hayward 6060 develop using 3/4 " pipe for input and flex hose out?
Do I need to use larger input and output piping to get the 20+ psi I need to run these cleaners properly?


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Aug 22, 2010
Thanks for confirming it should work. I tested with volt meter and shows 118v on each leg -- still researching...


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May 20, 2007
South Central NJ
Does it show 240V across both legs? That is key.

The only other potential that I can think of is a clogged impeller. A booster's main function is to increase the return flow pressure, not the return flow volume.

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