New Austin, Tx Pool Build - Will update every step!


Aug 1, 2019
austin texas
Going the BYOP route through local Austin branch. I intend on updating this thread every step of the way with plenty of pictures. Any/all feedback is appreciated!
Current All-In Cost: $67,000 (Quoted 77k-82k by big builders for same specs and inferior equipment)

I have already changed depth from 4-5-4 to 3'6"-5-4. So we will lose the bottom step at entry point. Also equipment pad will be on side of house opposite master bedroom.

We are a family of four with kids ages 6 and 7. Activity type pool desired. We will have a portable basketball hoop, portable SRS Smith slide, and possible volleyball net if I can figure a way to get the raised beam side right.

1.) Pool Area: 500 sq. ft.
2.) Pool Perimeter: 100 ft.
3.) Pool Gallons: 15,000* (est.)
4.) Pool Size: 15 x 30 (water)
5.) Pool Shell: Gunite
6.) Ledge Size: 5 x 10 (water)
7.) Water Depth(s): 3'6"’ x 5’ x 4’
8.) Ledge Depth (Water): 10”
9.) Plaster: NPT Stonescapes Mini Pebble: French Grey
10.) Coping: Leuder Stone (12”)
11.) Decking: Kool Deck
12.) New Deck Area: 530 sq ft
13.) Exis. Deck Area to be Covered: 210 sq ft
14.) Raised Beam: 18” x 32’
15) Beam Face: Limestone
16.) 2 Skimmers / 4 Returns

1.) Bubblers: (3) at Ledge
2.) Sheer Descents: (3) at Raised Beam
3.) Umbrella Sleeve: (1) at Ledge center
4.) Auto Fill: Add’l plumb. req’d

1.) Pump: Pentair Intelliflow Variable Speed Pump
2.) Filter: Pentair Clean & Clear 520 Cartridge
3.) Heater/Chiller: Pentair UltraTemp 4120 H/C
4.) Cleaner: Pentair (Robot) Prowler 920
5.) Control Box: Pentair EasyTouch P4
6.) Remotes: Screen Logic Bundle (adapter & wireless kit)
7.) Sanitizers: In-Line Chlor
8.) Pool Lights: (2) Pentair IntelliBrite 5g Color LED 12v



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May 3, 2014
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Looks good. ET4 only has 3 relays for your use. If you want to control each light independently that will take two relays. Consider that.

Install the ET with SWCG built in now. Otherwise once you get tired of adding liquid chlorine every day to the pool you will have to install the SWCG separately with an additional power unit.


Aug 1, 2019
austin texas
Thanks for the P4 info. It should be fine since I'm good with them working together. I'm hesitant on Salt system as it puts us significantly over budget but will look into it more. I know everyone here swears by it! Thanks for your feedback.


Aug 1, 2019
austin texas
Just waiting on City of Austin now after paying fee. But 1 quick question in the meantime. Do the returns and skimmers look ok on this build draw? I have read people saying to put a return in the ledge (ours is 10 inches) but ours doesn't currently have one. Also, is the return/skimmer at the top left positioned ok? Facing the same direction there, would the return potentially be pushing debris AWAY from that skimmer? The build draw is right above this post.