New Aquabright finished gunite Pool - What Chlorine to use


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Mar 24, 2021
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Hi All,
We just had our gunite pool refinished using the EcoFinish Aquabright product (midnight blue). Our installer mentioned that we should be using a high quality chlorine that has a low calcium content as calcium can build up on the surface of the finish and dull it over time. What tabs and shock would you recommend? I am not sure what a lower amount of calcium would be?

Thanks in advance
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Jan 17, 2012
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Hello Karin, the best product to use is Liquid Chlorine, as it contains *no* additives.

Puck and granular products must contain a "side" additive as chlorine is naturally a gas. So the manufacturers add either calcium or more commonly CYA stabilizer to the product. Both of these when used regularly can cause a build up of that "side" product and cause problems. Some people who use liquid chlorine regularly save those pucks for vacation time, as long as they know they can "afford" the extra "side" product and it won't cause them grief.

Liquid chlorine is often sold as "Liquid Shock".....but you can also use Plain unscented, non-thickened, non scented, Non-Clorox bleach. It is a bit weaker so ounce for ounce you need more. Use the PoolMath app to tell you how much liquid chlorine to use to get to your desired FC level.

The easiest way to chlorinate your pool is with a salt cell chlorinator generator (SWG). Have you considered one of those?

Remember to NEVER use any Clorox XtraBlue products as they're loaded with copper which causes a LOT of problems to pools.

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