New and starting my build


Sep 7, 2013
Hi all! I'm in the process of starting part of my outdoor kitchen while I have a few weeks left in the season. I want to get in the grill, power burner and Big Green Egg in before the fall.

I have a few questions.

I am putting manufactured stacked stone on the sides and front. The stone depth is anywhere from 1 1/2" to 3 1/2. I'm estimating at 3" to be safe. I plan to granite the top. Do I put the stone on first? Which I think I planned on doing. How far up should i go up to the top. I just don't want the hardie to show. Once the stone is done. Do I need to add another layer of HB over the stone depth or do I leave it as is?

Also, I have a big backsplash on one side that is against the house. How do I treat the HB? Should I stucco it or can I leave it alone once it's seamed and taped? Do you guys protect HB underneath bar overhangs?



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May 8, 2007
Nashville, TN
I did not do stone veneer, but I don't think it matters which you do first. Just take it up flush with the top and then overhang the granite and you will not see any HB. You do not need another layer over the stone depth either as the granite will overhang the stone.

Not sure I understand the question on the backspash, but you will want to cover it with something. Stucco, veneer, tile. All of your HB that is exposed should be covered in my opinion.