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Apr 17, 2017
Booneville, MS
New here and looking for advice. Just received Taylor 2006 test kit and trying to learn how to use it. Here are the numbers I got from my first attempt of using the test kit. Pool had algae when I opened it. Without a proper test kit (using test strips) I was keeping chlorine level very high with bleach. No evidence of live algae for about two weeks now but still very cloudy. Changed sand in filter last weekend and Running filter 24/7. The only reason we changed the sand is because the sand appeared to be plugged up with Toilet paper. Last fall kids rolled our house and dropped a couple of whole rolls into the pool

FC 8.8
PH 8
TA 130
CH 120
CYA 78

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Last fall kids rolled our house and dropped a couple of whole rolls into the pool
Ahhh yes. I remember when I was a delinquent. :wink: Welcome to TFP! :wave: A place for free pool care advice, and we won't toilet paper your place. Now for your tests:
- First, lower your pH to 7.2 with muriatic acid. Do that first. Re-test about 30 minutes after adding acid with pump running to confirm pH is at 7.2.
- Because you had (or may still have) algae, you need to SLAM. You are also at a very high CYA of 80. When you look at the Chlorine/CYA Chart (link below), you can see the FC SLAM/Shock level is "31". So you are well below the required FC level. Yes, that's a lot of R-0871 drops, so test as follows:
10ML sample with one healthy scoop of power then mix. Count drops from pink to clear and divide in half. i.e. 60 drops = FC of 30.
- You need to follow every instruction on the SLAM page (link below) until you pass all 3 criteria.

So lower pH then increase and maintain that elevated FC level as much as you can. Follow the SLAM process, it works. Also, please update your signature with all of your pool info. It will help us in the future. Great to have you with us.

PS - If you have any tabs or powdered shock, stop using those products. Use ONLY regular bleach to increase FC. Avoid scented or splashless products.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Welcome! :wave:

For our purposes, your CYA is rounded up to 80. You will need that number shortly.

What you need to do is
1) Use poolmath to calculate the acid dose and lower pH to 7.2
2) Raise FC to 32 :shock:

Yes, 32. Poolmath can tell you how much bleach that will be. Continue running the filter 24/7 and brush until your arms and lower back can take no more. Recheck the FC every couple hours and add more bleach to keep it at 32.

Complete instructions are in the SLAM article.

Your CYA is really high, so if you can manage a partial drain, now is the time. That will lower the CYA which will also lower the shock level which means a less eyepopping quantity of bleach. I understand if you want to just push on through and leave CYA where it is. If you have a SWG (You don't mention) then 80 is ideal. If chlorinating with bleach, it's going to mean you need to maintain a higher FC day-to-day after it's clear. Whatever you do, don't use dichlor or trichlor "shock" or pucks. They'll just drive CYA even higher. Knowing what I know now, I'd try to replace enough water to get CYA to 50. Still high for a SLAM, but ideal for the rest of the season.

Take a few minutes and study up on ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry and How to use poolmath besides the SLAM article. Now that you've discovered us, I suspect you'll be reading until you're like this :crazy: Many people equate it to getting a drink of water from a firehose once they discover this website.
Apr 17, 2017
Booneville, MS
Thank you for your help. I was thinking of doing a partial drain to lower the CYA. In the long run it will save me $$ by not needing as much bleach. No SWG and I have stopped using "shock" and pucks since I found this forum. I've already learned so much. Hoping to have a nice easy to maintain pool this summer.
So plan as of today is to do a partial drain and refill with fresh water. Then retest to see where my numbers are

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Drained about 50% and refilled got my cya down to 40. Been slamming for 5 days now. I am starting to see the bottom step of the ladder.

13500 gal. 24' round vinyl pool, Hayward Sand filter
While waiting for this SLAM to take its course, I have question about my ugly deck. It's OLD (not sure how old we've lived here for almost three years) and cracking. We replace boards here and there when needed. Structurally it's fine but cosmetically it's ugly. We are thinking of painting it and I'm looking for any advice. Has anyone out there ever used any of the deck refinishing paint products and had positive results?

13500 gal. 24' round vinyl pool, Hayward Sand filter, Taylor 2006 test kit


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Jun 29, 2016
Walhalla, SC
As long as none of the boards are actually rotting at all (wouldn't be uncommon for a pool deck), you can get it back. Either use stripping and sanding with a new coat of protectant, or you can use one of the paint products out now. I've not used them personally, but my father does construction/remodeling and has used the Rust-Oleum Restore tintable stuff with good results.

However, there are some drawbacks... it takes a massive amount of prep work. If you do it right (heavy pressure washing, stripper, sand down really bad areas, fix uneven boards, replace nail pops with screws, replace boards as needed, use primer), it should work well. Another drawback is it fills in any screw holes, making it much more difficult to fix in the future. But it's cheaper, and you can get the overall look you want with a nice color.