New and here's the first headache....


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Apr 6, 2019
Riverside, CA
Hi, I am not sure if you still have trouble taking photo's. You can use a flat glass dish to have a clear view into the water. And lay your phone in it to take a photo of the bottom without distortion from waves.
Thanks for that!!!! I've tried most everything... the latest was my Rigid boroscope. Most shoot best pics at night due to the PebbleFina "shimmering sea" finish during the day. Pretty but terrible for closeup photos. I will try your idea as well. So far I've come to the conclusion that PebbleFina aggregate (pictured) is clumping in some areas. Defined edges are present. But I'd like to document them and send to builder, since I'm wondering if I will come across a plaster warranty issue one day. This other one pictured is more of a workmanship problem. Frustrating.

But thanks again for your tip!