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Jan 27, 2021
Hi ya'll...We had an inground pool about 15 years ago but after looking at costs now, decided to go with an AGP from pool factory. 27' round. Missed out last year with everything out of stock so got one ordered. Should be here next week. I only ordered the pool, skimmer and liner cause I wanted a little time for research on pumps, filters and SWG. So I found a used not abused Pentair CCP420 that I purchased at 1/3 of price of new.... Seems like overkill but I have a bunch of huge pecan trees close to where the install will be. Also have a line on rebuilt Intelliflo pump. It's 3hp. Does that seem too big? No water features or spa on this pool. Maybe set the pump to run at lower speeds? TIA


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Jun 29, 2016
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That seems a bit much, but if you run pump on low and your filter can handle it, you will probably be ok. Waiting to see if some equipment folks chime in.
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