New AG pool - Seek pump/filter advice


Hi All!

Been lurking here for a while and want to thank everyone for all the great advice I have seen over the last 6 months. I'm not (yet) a pool owner, but plan to be this spring. I live in New Jersey and currently working on the multiple permits required. Already got town zoning approval. Just submitted county Health Dept Construction Referral Form. Still need to get Contruction Permit and Electrical Permit from the state. Thanks NJ for making this so complicated!

Here's where I'm at:

Looking to purchase a Sharlkine 15x30 above ground pool from an online retailer and install it myself in the spring. Already hired excavator to level an area for the pool. I did the drainage and retaining wall. I am a DIY'er and am comfortable with the project. Quick side note: I've already installed my own solar hot water system, and it works great!

I will want to eventually get pool solar panels to extend my swim season. So I need advice to decide on a pump and filter combo that can handle this later. I've read all the stickies and other articles posted about this, but I'm looking to confirm my choices. The solar panels will be placed slighty above (3 ft) pool level. The pump will not have to overcome lifting the water to a roof.

Pump: Pentair Dynamo 3/4 HP 2 speed model.
Filter: Tagelus TA-60D (Sand - 300lbs, 24", 3.1Sqft, 60gpm)
Pipe: Considering 2" PVC Sched 40.

Is this Pump/Filter combo enough to filter a 14,800 Gal pool on LOW speed with solar panels? I would plan to run it 12 hours per day on low speed. My location gets full sun all day long. No trees or anything else dropping things in the pool. Cost of electricity is a concern because my summer rate is $0.18/kwh which is why I chose the smallest pump I thought would work. Probably a moderate swimmer load. My wife is home with the kids (ages 7 & 5) and I can see people coming over to swim a lot.

Last summer we had one of those inflatable ring pools with a completely undersized filter. This time I want to do it right.

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Apr 4, 2007
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Solar very seldom makes a difference to the pump. Any lifting involved is only on startup, because the falling water at the outlet essentially cancels out the lift.


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Apr 8, 2007
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Sounds like a very good combo for your pool Bigger filter like that is better. You will want to re-calculate your pool volume though with pool that size, unless you have a deep end. It is important to know true volume of water when dosing your chemicals.

Sharkline is a nice respectable brand (made by Wil-Bar) and have a shorter distance between uprights than some other brands. I'm biased, having a Wil-Bar mfgd pool as well.

Remember to plan on excavating a wide enough area around the pool for installation (some figure pool is 15' so forget that they need another 18" - 24" all around for the buttressfree installation - up to 3' or more if you are getting the old style with buttresses/braces on the sides.


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Apr 8, 2007
Have you looked at the FantaSea pools with built-in solar panels as the deck? They have a 16x32 that might be perfect for you. They cost more, but we LOVE having the solar heating in the deck--keeps the deck cool and the water warm.