New Above Ground Pool


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Jul 2, 2010
nonjo said:
I put the sequestrate in last night and woke up to a more green pool; it's much improved. There's a lot of brownish-red sediment on the floor of the pool. Thinking about it now, it's copper from some of the pipes we have in the basement. I guess the thing to do now is vacuum…I'll try vacuuming to the filter first. Might need to add more Metal Free or another product, I suppose, if the one bottle doesn't handle it all.
Let's hold up a minute on the Metal Free. Can you post a pic of your pool water? When you say "green", is it clear green water or murky green? A pic would help greatly. So would another set of test results.

If metals are your problem, there's better sequestrates than Metal Free. stains


Jul 29, 2011
Vineland, NJ
I vacuumed like crazy this early afternoon and got all the brown stuff off the bottom. It looked way worse than that yesterday. I'll get more sequestrate tomorrow and post pix. Is raising pH and/or chlorine likely to cause it to brown up again, or would that only happen if I add more water from the well?