New ABG pool llate last summer now deck build pics

Aug 23, 2011
We got our first pool late last Aug. Thanks to this site and my 100 test kit, the learning curve has been super easy and almost feel like an expert already. Its an 18' round by 54" deep. This past week I finally started building up the deck. The deck is 16x14, its almost done but I thought I would post some build pics since we all love pics :mrgreen:

Aug 23, 2011
Thanks the pump is on the opposite side of the pool. The door under the deck is for storing floats and possible patio furniture in the winter, or possible man cave. :party: :party: LOL Thanks for the comments its been a lot of work and the end is near, I can't wait to just sit back, have a beer on it and watch the kids swim, and to be totally done with the a frame ladder that came with it.
Jun 18, 2012
Deck looks really nice. I'm looking at doing the exact same thing later this summer. Do you have any additional steps or ladder into the pool from the deck?
Aug 23, 2011
Thanks, we had no plans, just basically designed it in the area we had. We originally had it about 2 feet shorter, but when we were laying the markings to dig the footings, we decided to go bigger as you never will regret a bigger deck.

Yes built it myself and with my awesome neighbors help.

Yes there is a deck ladder in the pool now.

All the banisters are done now, now its just the railings for the steps and building the gate.

Then yes we need a lot of stain, most of the treated wood was soaked with the fluid that treats the wood, so going to to let it dry out a bit before I stain it.
Aug 23, 2011
here is a finished shot just need to stain, waiting for Sept or so to stain.

Then the newest edition, the inflatable slide that the kids love, need to rearrange some stuff on the deck for this behemoth.



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May 1, 2012
I like the deck!! Very nice. I am going to have to get my son-in-law on here to look for ideas when he starts in building ours larger.

Would you mind putting a pic of the back of the slide? I bought one off from eBay that was similar but the younger kids couldn't get up from the back cause of the shape of it in the back.


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Jul 25, 2011
Bedford, NH
Very nice! Do you mind sharing your total cost? Trying to figure out if I should tear down my 10+ year old deck and rebuild like this, or just put down new boards and refinish the railings.


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Jun 22, 2011
richhie6 said:
With the deck close to the pools edge, have you planned on how to put a winter cover on?
From what I've seen in other threads you can get my with a gap of only 1/8th of an inch and still get the cover through. It may be a bit of a struggle but think about it like this - you "hopefully" only have to put the cover on once a year and you have 3-4 months of enjoying the deck however you want to configure it. Personally I'm going to go with the same flush look, if I have to struggle a little every fall so be it.

Good luck

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Jun 22, 2009
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Mine only has a 1/8" gap and it's no problem getting the winter cover in there. Since I use water filled bleach jugs hung on it I don't have to fight with the cable and winch either.