New 24' Above Ground Pool Holes and liner tears in NY Photos


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May 5, 2018
Albany NY
We purchased an above ground pool last June and had it professionally installed per the Pool Salesman we purchased it from. We haven't had any issues with chemicals, (thank goodness) but this past winter the ice in our pool caved. My husband took a pool class on how to close it for the winter, we live in upstate NY. We hired everything out professionally and did everything we were supposed to do to the pool and it kind of lost a leg? in December. We called the pool store we bought it from and they said we have to wait until the snow melts. Does anyone know what would cause this? Photos attached. Does this mean we need a whole new pool?? We dont mind spending money on a liner and installation. We do NOT want to buy another whole pool and pay for installation again though. I forgot to say that there are multiple holes along the bottom of the inside of the pool. You can see right through a couple of them to the sand on the otherside.

Is this because we did not surround the pool in stone??

Thanks for any help or opinions you may have to offer.


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Hi, welcome to TFP! I'm sorry about the damage to your pool. It looks like you may have had some frost heave under your pool. Did you have a lot of rain prior to a hard freeze this winter? What do you mean by "lost a leg"? Did an upright post fail?


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Jun 28, 2018
Oconomowoc, WI
Very interested to hear how this is resolved for you. We are in Wisconsin and currently have a very similar situation. Installed in August, also a 24' round pool, and a similar looking (altho smaller) tear in same area - however we do not have the same damage to our wall and leg as far as I can tell. Pool guy coming out tomorrow to take a look and I will advise after that.

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