New 2 speed pump - a couple of questions.....


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Dec 13, 2009
Virginia Beach, VA
I have a new Pentair SuperFlo two speed pump and have a couple of questions.

1 - When switching from low speed to high speed do I need to first turn off the pump?

2 - When I'm running my pump on high, the clean DE filter pressure is about 12. On low, its about 4. Does that sound right? I understand it would drop but that seems like a lot. If I backwash after a 25% increase like you say on here I would be backwashing at 5. That seems a bit prone to error and excessive. Input?

3 - Is there an easy way to open the canister lid on this pump? I really racked my knuckle yesterday getting it off. My Hayward was easy compared to this and I'm not a small guy. Do you guys hit it with a mallet or something? It says to release pressure before opening but other than pulling the drain plug how would I do that? Open valve on DE filter?

As always, thanks a ton.....

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I don't have a Pentair, but I can relate to some of your issues and will share my own thoughts:
1 - My 2-speed has a toggle switch that I simply flip directly to low-high and visa-versa. No waiting for me since the motor is rotating in the same direction. :)
2 - Pressure will drop quite a bit from high to low. The degree of drop may vary by system/filter, but my gauge goes almost to zero on low.
3 - Ahhhh! I can relate. I fractured a finger knuckle last April on this very same thing. Took almost a year to heal. :grrrr: On my filter housing I have an air relief on top to let some pressure out. It "should" help, but that Pool Lube I'm using sometimes feels more like super glue. :hammer: I may try a Teflon-based pool lube versus silicon next time to see if that helps me get that basket lid off. For now, I push/pull and hope I don't rack my hand again.

I'm sure you'll see a few more replies to your thread shortly. Have a good day.

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Apr 17, 2017
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Try Dow 55 to lube the gasket on your pump. Dow 55 is expensive, but it's the best. It actually swells up the rubber gasket.

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May 19, 2010
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1. No
2. Does your gauge go to zero when the pump is off? Mine was about 13psi on high and barely reads anything on low (when the filter is clean). I would recommend doing the pressure check for cleaning your filter on high speed.
3. There should not be a need to open any valve. There is no pressure in the pump when it is off. I typically pull on the left and bang on the right "handle" with my palm until is starts turning.


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Dec 3, 2009
Central Massachusetts
I have the same pump. Use a rubber "dead blow" mallet to remove and replace the lid. Couple of strikes with the mallet on the ears of the lid do the trick. Dont use a hammer. Any box store will have a dead blow hammer.

EDIT: Yes my sig says I have a Hayward pump, but I haven't changed my sig in awhile. And yes, the Hayward pump lid was much easier to get on and off.


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Jun 25, 2016
boiling springs, SC
I don't switch my off my pump to go from low-high or high-low its meant to work that way.
I got a sand filter and I have the exact same pressures as you.
And a good silicone lube will work wonders on the lid.:hammer:
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