New 18x36 IGP in Nokesville, VA - Questions about PB plan

May 14, 2012
Good Evening,
My wife and I are putting in our first pool and working with what we thought was a decent builder, however from reading some of the other posts here I have my concerns.

The main issues that concern me are

1 - Back fill type - His plan is to re-use the existing dirt that was excavated.
2 - Back fill timing - His plan is to have the backfill and grading done, along with the concrete deck BEFORE he installs the vermiculite or liner, and subsequently the water

There are other little things that bug me like the fact he didn't understand the process in our county to get a permit when you have well / septic on the property, but a friend told me that not all builders have to deal with that, and since he is small family owned, I shouldn't get wrapped around the axle on that.

As of right now the plan is to get our footing inspection on Wednesday, pour the footers, and then start installing plumbing / electrical next weekend. After that is installed, backfill / grading will occur, then forming up the concrete deck.

What are the thoughts out there related to this plan?

Hopefully i am just over thinking this, but wanted to see what others thought.




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Re: New 18x36 IGP in Nokesville, VA - Questions about PB pla

I would not backfill with dirt. It WILL settle...there is no way to prevent it. When you pour on top of it quickly, like he is planning, the dirt settles away from the concrete and it cracks

I would use #57 washed rock right up to the level of the WILL NOT settle.