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Dec 28, 2009
Columbia, SC
I have been reading about the BBB method and I am thinking what do I have to lose but I do have a few questions. Can I start the BBB method at any time? I have a pool house that looks like a pool store with all the junk that they have sold us :oops: I am sure they will hate to not be seeing me come in the door. Do I use up all this stuff first or can I use it with the BBB Method? I have sticks, chlorinating granules, banish, back-up, polysheen blue and anything else that bioguard makes I think. Seems like every time I go in I need something else and we started with clear water but now its cloudy. This is our second season with this pool. I am going to order my test kit today but any information you can give me would be great about changing over from BioGuard to BBB.


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Apr 26, 2009
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Bama's right. Once you get your test kit and post some numbers, you'll get a lot of great advice.

While you're waiting, I'd suggest spending A LOT of time reading Pool School (link in upper right corner.) The more you read it, the more comfortable you'll feel when you get your first set of numbers back.

As far as the BioGuard chemicals, if you have any unopened items and can return them that will get some money back in your pocket. But really, the BBB method is more about knowing what everything you put in your pool does. There may be a reason to use sticks and granules at some point, but just not as often as the pool store would have you use it.

I was in your shoes two years ago. I was well known at the local BioGuard dealer and spent a ton of money in there and seemed to always have a cloudy pool. Now, I normally add one gallon of 6% bleach to my pool every evening and it's sparkly clear. My two cents is to stop putting the BioGuard stuff in the pool and switch methods now, because if you finish them all up first, you'll likely have more work to do to get everything where it should be.


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Apr 14, 2010
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Here's what I did..
Pull everything out of your storage area. Sort it by chemical. Then like ^ said, try to return anything unopened. With what's left, make a list of what you have and then figure out the intended purpose and if necessary, put the household chemical you can use when you run out for the same purpose (HEY! Another use for a sharpie!!!) Write the purpose next to the chemical AND on the container.

For example:
Dichlor Shock 3 lbs---Raise FC and Raise CYA
Magic Blue Stuff--Clarifier PRN (as needed, which you probably won't but...if it's open, keep it or pass on to 'a friend')
Trichlor pucks 25#--Raise FC and Raise CYA---vacations or season opening
PH Down--lowers PH replace with Muriatic Acid

You get the idea.

Doing this helped me realize what I had on hand to do what with. I was able to combine half boxes of certain things (why I have so much PH Increaser when I rarely have low ph, I dunno) I cleaned out some smaller containers and remarked them for things like baking soda and borax where the cardboard box may have gotten damp.

Hope this helps. I have a thing for I am constantly finding uses for them! :mrgreen:
It also helped solidify in my mind what I was doing with all this stuff...


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Dec 28, 2009
Columbia, SC
Thanks everyone one. Once I have the test kit I will post my numbers. I am on vacation next week so I hope I dont come home to a green pool. Poolgirl I am with you on the sharpie!!


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Dec 28, 2009
Columbia, SC
OK I received my test kit today, hubby now thinks he is a mad scientist. Here are our readings:

FC: .5
CC: .5
PH: 8.2
CH: 210
ta: 130
CYA: 90

The water is cloudy. Now are all the stuff we have on hand: Optimum chlorinating granules, Silk Sticks, balance 100, Polysheen blue, power floc, spot kill, phosfree, banish, backup, dry acid, ph-up, stabilizer 100, burnout. Can we use up any of this stuff with the BBB method?

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Jun 22, 2009
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Sure you can use some of it. In fact you should use some of that dry acid soon. Bring your pH down to about 7.4.

With a CYA of 90 You should consider draining some water to get it down.