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Mar 18, 2012
Eastern Long Island,New York
I have a 13 year old deck of Nicolock Pavers. Olde Towne 5 piece in adobe. (sort of tan to a light brown). The bullnose has deteriorated where a lot of aggregate is showing through, but most importantly a few need to be replaced. The problem is that are not made any longer and getting the same size in a different bullnose is not going well.
I think the real reason some cracked is due to the original mason not putting wire in the 4" concrete base. The front corner cracked in 2 places , probably from weight and settling. The stress from the cracks caused the mortar joints to open and some bricks have cracked.
I cut windows in the concrete across the cracks, drilled horizontal holes in each side and epoxied rebar to both sides to give support.
Question can this rebar repair work ?
Any place to get 2x4x9 bullnose brick? so far all mason supplies say they stopped making it and have to do something else.
I'd rather not buy 2x4x12 cut and and waste but might have to.
Open to suggestions.
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