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Jun 7, 2016
Daphne, AL
The control panel for my salt water pool system had a check cell message so I took my Hayward TurboCell T-Cell-15 to the local pool store to test. They told me it failed the test and to replace it would cost $900. I nearly fell over. Then they told me that I could convert my saltwater system to a chlorine system for a lot less money. I am looking for advice on what to do. I have searched for cells online and have found that there are several models that are a lot less expensive than $900. In fact, I didn't really find one that cost that much. First, should I convert to a chlorine system? I have only had a saltwater system and know nothing of chlorine systems. Are there advantages of chlorine other than a chlorinator costing less than a salt cell? If I stay with a saltwater system, is Blue Works a good substitute for a Hayward? How about any others? I found the cell in the picture below at, but am not sure about it. If anyone has any advice, I would be most appreciative. I am currently using chlorine tablets in my skimmers until I can make a decision on how to go forward.


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Jul 7, 2014
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So that is what you get for going to the pool $store... :mrgreen:

Chlorine pools and saltwater pools are both chlorine pools.. It is just how you add the chlorine... With Saltwater Chlorine Generator (SWCG) you pay for the chlorine up front and it makes all the chlorine you need. With a standard chlorine pool you have to continually add chlorine by using tablets or some other form of chlorine.. I bet you bought those tabs in the pool store.. Funny that they would recommend a "chlorine" pool... I bet they sold you all kinds of other "stuff" too...

Saltwater pools are hands down the easiest pools to maintain.

I can't help with which replacement cell is best, but I find that you often get what you pay for...

The pool company is charging you to unscrew the cell and plug it in...

You should never put tablets in your skimmer unless your pump is running 24/7. Otherwise when the pump shuts off the whole skimmer will fill with very acidic water and basically 'eat' your skimmer. It won't happen overnight, but over time it will...

Jim R.


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Jun 12, 2011
After market replacement cells are “luck of the draw” . You have no way of knowing how long one will last and the companies never seem to honor the warranty.

With a quick Google search you can save $400 on a real Hayward tcell-15.

My experience has been that the cells last (in my pool, open year round) from 5 to 7 years. That makes my cost of chlorine for the pool <$100 per year. That is less than the cost of buying chlorine in any other form. Add in the convenience and simplicity of turning a dial rather than hauling and adding chlorine, and I would never have a pool with out a SWG.
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Jun 7, 2016
Daphne, AL
Thanks, Jim.

I know the pitfalls of the pool store... I try to do as much myself as possible, but I have my limitations. Mainly time and knowledge. I'm working on the last one! I actually unscrewed the cell and took it in myself. :)