need to replace my winter cover...looking for advice


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Aug 2, 2007
Northeastern Ohio
I need to replace my winter cover. I've heard a lot of good things about the loop-loc covers, but from what I've seen they are quite expensive, especially for a pool my size and shape.

Are they worth it? How long do they last? How easy is it to get a pump into the pool if you need to lower the water level during the winter?


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Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
I have a Loop-Loc mesh cover, and I like it really well. I have high alkalinity fill water, so getting all the rain water into my pool over the winter is a big help. Once it's on, the pool is safe, unlike water bag covers that make the pool more dangerous. The leaves and stuff that blow onto the cover dry up and blow away. My cover cost me about $1200, and I spent less than $200 for the tools I used to install it, which consisted of a new hammer drill and bit.


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Sep 19, 2007
We have one, but it is a solid one. We had a pump on top to drain off the water as it rained, it automatically came on when it sensed water pressure on the cover. We opened the pool and it was a bit cloudy, but you could still see the main drain. Then 36 hours later I had crystal clear water.


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Mar 22, 2008
I install many loop loc covers and have found them to be great. I had to replace one last year for a client who had the old one for 12 years. Small tears can be fixed with a mesh patch that is sewn on. Very easy to do yourself if you know how to sew. They are MUCH safer then water bag covers (i'm sure you've seen Loop Loc's logo with the baby elephant standing on a covered pool). A client wanted me to walk across her cover last winter to prove the effectivness and it was no problem. A corner of the cover can easily be removed if the pool needs to be drained down. You could also look into the Meyco covers which are basically the same thing (not sure about price difference).


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Aug 2, 2007
Northeastern Ohio
For anyone that has the standard water bag covers:

How often do you find that you need to replace them? I'm trying to get an idea of the total cost of ownership of the standard cover vs. loop-loc.

Thanks for everyone's advice. It's appreciated!


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Feb 13, 2008
we used the basic cover and water bags this past Winter (1st time w/ our pool) and we already had about 6 water bags thats why we are thinking of ditching the basic cover and maybe swing for the loc loop for next year and besides the nice swamp/lake effect on top (which the mating ducks loved).
we already have the pool open now, the kids actually swam today (we just got a heat pump) :-D and the water was still a cool 76 but, the it wasn't to bad

I have a solid loop-loc cover and love it; definitely worth the investment in safety and appearance. With the solid cover I have few issues at start-up and little debris as well as no algae. I super-chlorinate just prior to covering up for the winter and have a small pump on top to remove rainwater in the off-season. As to installation I recommend a serious hammer drill, the kind that resembles a small jackhammer in size. Hand held drills with a hammer feature don't have the necessary weight to drill a chip free hole in the concrete typically used in pool deck construction. They are easily rented locally at Sunbelt or home improvement stores and if you have located your drilling sites using the install template you can drill all the holes during a 4 hour rental period (generally the minimum rental time). Put a piece of duct tape around the drill bit to mark the proper depth for drilling and you can get the job done.